When most people think of baseball bats, they probably imagine one of the beautifully crafted wood cut from oak, ash, maple or another tree. Only in the 1970s did the landscape radically change with the introduction of metal bats for almost all non-professional leagues.

Although the first metal bats lacked the strength with which the most modern bats were stuffed, the adoption of the metal increased the longevity and durability of the bats, saving people a considerable amount of money, which is one aspect of its positive use of best bbcor bats 2018.

However, its influence far exceeded its durability and cost savings

With the continuous improvement of metal bats, this meant that the balls flew farther, and the sweet spots became bigger and more tolerant. This, in turn, radically changed the balance regarding the offense, which could be statistically seen in the first year of its use. And over time, these statistics became too biased, and the game became too long and even dangerous.

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All you had to do was watch ESPN and see that the same marketing that surrounds baseball in college was based on the ping sound made by these dominant beats and the large amount of home runs that were the result of that. However, the outrageous offensive marathon games and pitchers hit by linear units with growing speed mean that something needs to be changed. With all the changes in the rule over the years conducive to the offensive, this change happened long ago.

Home runs, averages, towed races, and so on

They diminished significantly, as new bats were close to the same powerful features as the tree, but as players got used to new bats, the statistics level off, although they still lower than before. The debate on whether this is a good thing continues, but most purists are definitely pleased with the change because it led to a balance of the game and came close to how it was played for decades before the introduction of the metal.

Crimes in the field of high power still exist, but not in the way they did before

Teams can no longer count on explosions in houses or mass exits of tracks, which leads to the return of a small and fundamental ball. And this is good. Baseball is now closer to its purist form than decades. And although a crime can make people tune in to games, we saw what he did to MLB, with the disastrous era of steroids that blurred the credibility of the game.

The BBCOR era has been a hit so far. Regardless of whether we see a change in the rules, this reverse course remains to be seen, so you better enjoy the fans playing the game in their almost pure form while you can.