Escape rooms represent a fascinating way to spend valuable time with family or friends. It’s Friday night and you do not know what to do? Then try one of the existing escape games in your local area. But what exactly is this new way of entertainment that people have been talking about lately?

In an escape room, players enter a thematic room. They have to solve a series of riddles and puzzles, in order to find the last key and escape of the room in time. Usually what you are looking for is a four digit password or a key. Escape games can be horror, funny or action games. Usually they are based on existing famous movies, for instance Saw, Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring and many more.

Moreover, some escape rooms rhodes can also include live performance, aiming to make the escape experience even more realistic, funny and interactive.  The majority of horror escape rooms include live acting, because the presence of an actor makes the game even spookier and challenging.Try to escape while Valak from the Conjuring is chasing you…

Teams that enter the room consist of 2-8 people and the cooperation among the team is crucial. Players have to observe the landscape, find clues, connect some clues with other clues and the communication of the players is essential. Someone found a black light, another member found a clue ‘’ light here’’ and they need to cooperate to solve the riddle. There are times that the group will have to separate and communicate from distance, making the game flow more difficult.

escape rooms rhodes

The game usually lasts about 60 minutes to 2 hours and during this time frame, players become the stars of a Hollywood movie. Wouldn’t you like to play The Paranormal Escape Room in Rhodes and feel what it would be like to see demons and monsters in front of you? And while they chase you, you need to think rationally, protect yourself and solve a difficult riddle.

The most important part in a live escape room is not if you achieve to escape in time or not. The important thing is for the team to have fun, laugh, bond one with another and spend amazing time. It is only natural that players want to escape, but in the end of the day is not about solving difficult puzzles. It is more about the experience.  Real life escape room experiences can make you talk about it for days with your friends, because you lived it together and most importantly you found yourselves in a non-ordinary occasion.

I still remember the escape room I had played in Rhodes with some friends, while on vacation. We played the Hostel escape room at My Escape. We had 75 minutes to escape from the butcher who caught us and put us in a cage. The concept was that we wore handcuffs and were chained. We had to escape though. Every time we heard a chainsaw, we had to stop what we were doing and back to the initials position. Then the butcher came to check on us. If we were not in the correct position as he had left us, or we dared to talk to him, then we were punishedaccordingly! Great game flow, unique riddles combined with good music sounds. Such a great experience that I still remember and laugh. While in Rhodes, do not miss it!