Are you one of those who need to lose some weight? I don’t know about you but I think I need to lose some weight. My waist have expanded and my bottom has grown bigger and I am finding my pants and shorts getting tight!

There are many weight losing methods out there and friends are all too eager to recommend all kinds of ways to help you lose weight. Some are simple, while some are difficult to follow. Some are safe while some are not. I have heard of people buying weight losing pills over the counters and suffering bad side effects from consuming the pills. We may want to lose weight but we don’t want to end up with terrible side effects that could destroy our health.

protein shakes

We want to lose weight and not have the weight return as soon as we lose it! Experts suggest that we should lose our weight gradually. In that way, it is easier to keep it off instead of it bouncing back again if we were to lose weight quickly. Many weight loss advertisements promise fast weight loss but we should take up one that we can keep to in our daily living.

We often hear medical doctors said that our body is what we eat. The amount of calories we consume, if not burned up at the end of the day, all the excess calories will be stored up by our body. So in the long run, the excess calories will be appear in the form of ugly bulges in our body! So the first step to take is to reduce the portion of food we take in for each meal. By the way, we have to stop our snacking in between meals. Whenever we feel hungry in between meals, and if we really need something to munch on, then we might as well munch on a fresh raw cucumber. In between, try to consume more water to reduce the hunger pang. Once you are able to overcome the first few days, your body will begin to adapt itself to the amount you are feeding it.

Whatever method you are using, always remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat which will provide the necessary protein. If you do not like lean meat, you can easily make up for it by taking protein shakes. Protein shakes is actually protein powder makes into a drink to be consumed and it is gaining popularity as a nutritional supplement.

Protein shakes are usually recommended for those doing workouts at the gym or sportsman and women to build up their muscles. It is also good for people recovering from injury and for young adults who are actively involved in both indoor and outdoor activities and games.