America is known for two things in the world, the conventional jazz music, and college football. And the craze for both of these can be seen across the globe. And the best thing about both college football and jazz has been the continually evolving nature. It seems like a journey, and this journey has only got better than ever. However, there are a few things which have not been so welcomed in the process of evolution- namely, the College Football Playoff. Alton Ingram has grown up being an active member of his college football team, and the mindset he has for the game is much different than the rest.

Now that he sees College Football Playoffs getting into its fourth consecutive years, he believes, that this has been a hindrance for the game for quite a sometime. Those who have been an avid follower of college football in America love the fact that it carries on around the year, with the positions of the teams changing every single week. This neck to neck competition is what keeps the vibe on for the game.

Importance of the League Games and How Alton Ingram Takes His Stance

However, the College Football Playoff is something much different than how it has been. There’s a committee that picks up four teams and is made to compete in a single elimination playoff tournament. The league structure where every single point counted in the club positioning next week has a much more charm and keeps the audience engrossed in the progress of the game as well. The poll obsession found in all the football lovers and fans just went irrelevant with the playoffs being introduced.

One thing that Alton Ingram has rightly pointed out is about the nature of college football. Like the international football games and tournaments, it was never about the numbers that enthused the players. It was always about the narratives, and that makes the game much more interesting. One thing that he believes the committee missed out to realize was how the fans would be missing out the opportunity to brag about his team and the entire enthusiasm will be fading slowly. Where there was at least a score team participated in the tournament, was suddenly reduced to just four and Alton Ingram believes that’s where things went wrong and unjustified.

Also what might be missed out amidst all this is the fact that every state had its connection with the College Football, and it was the ground that brought the people from distant lands together. Football, which is both religion and culture for the youth has suddenly gone irrelevant with the introduction of the Playoffs. It is very essential to understand the pulse of the game and its followers. The communal living doesn’t take birth in one day. It is Sports and similar activities that unite a community even with differences of opinion. Owning up to one’s team is the strength of the core, and snatching it away makes no sense.