Sports would be the wonderful part of our life, we may play any type of sports games for many purpose. The purpose of playing the sports may be either to relax our body, or some would play these games in focused manner to play for their country. The recent study has mentioned that, the Singaporeans are sports oriented, and they are readily taken part in different type of games for recreation and for competition. There are many stadiums and the gymnasiums that sustain and improve the sporting prowess of the Singaporeans all throughout the year. There, one can find many places for the players to play for both indoor and the outdoor sports.

Outdoor sports commonly played in Singapore:

The main sport in the Singapore os soccer (football), rugby union, badminton, table tennis, and cricket, basketball, swimming, and cycling. These forms of sports are commonly played outdoors on stadiums, ovals, or for some formal competition in nearby parks as well. Among all these, the most popular sport is football. The country has its own football league, which is made up of 10 teams that travel around the country and they can compete with each other. The whole country is surrounded by the ocean and the residents can enjoy many water activities like sailing, water skiing, and kayaking. There the dragon boat racing is the nation pastime game with many clubs and teams which compete regularly. In addition to the surface activities, some may even taken themselves below the sea surface especially for scuba diving.

Common indoor games played in Singapore:

The majority of the residents in the Singapore living in the public residential places which are well provided with outdoor basketball courts, swimming pools, also some indoor sports centers which provide the facility for playing these kinds of indoor games like table tennis, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, squash, basketball, and some other sports. In addition to these indoor and the outdoor games, many people would have the hobby to play the games. There are the gourmet cooking classes, where the cooking experts can show their knowledge of cooking the local food items. The acquired knowledge will further developed by the visitor after returning to their home. Learners will taught you on how to make local tapestry, mats, baskets, handicraft items, and some other home made things. Singaporean have the great pleasure to play these type of games as well as the making some handicraft items.