Are you a creator or a designer that has been struggling to be creative? In school, you were taught how to make designs and what materials you can use in order to achieve good designs. Say you’re building a house model, in school, you were taught how to make that model and what items you should use to make it aesthetically pleasing and professional looking. But the thing is that you have been doing the things that other people have been doing over the years.

If a client will come to you for a presentation and you present your model house to them, what makes you think that the house that you build wouldn’t look exactly the same as the other house that they looked at from another professional? The designs might be the same but the palate and the materials are all the same thus the resemblance is always there. The solution? Rethink your approach to our designs.

Use other materials: You can utilize other materials in order for your clients to appreciate your designs. There are many types of materials that you can use to replace the ones that you’re currently using. Ione thing is certain though, customers don’t like mediocre, redundant, and boring. They want something eye-catching and have more texture. Also, make sure that you use the materials that you sourced properly. Having a good combination and balance to your materials is essential for a good design. If you want to try building blocks, check out

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The composition: Composition is everything and should not be left out. You see, the composition was devised or created because of the notion that the human brain no matter how disorganized the place of the look is, is that it will always try to find a balance. Thus, finding a good composition to capture that balance and make it stimulating is something. Like leading lines, perspective, symmetry, shapes, and so on.

Know their taste: One of the things that you need to have is a good output, not just an inspiration but also the knowledge on the customer’s preference. This isn’t necessarily a limitation but a guideline for you to follow in order to nail the design that the client wants. You can always add that artistic flare but its always important to follow their direction. If you think that their idea is not good then suggest to them a good option and not just surprise them.

A good design isn’t necessarily mean following what was thought. Sometimes the things that were taught become too standard and mediocre that it already becomes boring. Thus, if you want to get more clients you need to have a certain edge in your design to make the customer say “yes” to it. Try to use other materials, use composition, and know what your client’s taste. If you wish to try something different like toy metal building kits, visit the link.